Team Meeting of Renewable Energy Engineers Working on an Innovative More Efficient Solar System

Who We Are

PolyPower Global (PPG) is a renewable energy company with the most innovative, groundbreaking technology in the renewable energy sector. Our groundbreaking innovative technology in the solar energy sector delivers solar and wind energy with our unique patented and trademarked PolyGen™ solar technology.

Two decades ago, PPG’s co-founder, Mr. Oswald Wilson, recognized the flaws with the solar generation power systems on the market. Traditionally, solar panels are laid flat or horizontally. This configuration uses a considerable amount of land which could have been utilized for other purposes, such as agriculture. Mr. Wilson realized that if solar panels were mounted vertically in a PolyGen™ configuration, it would require approximately 75% less land space than the traditional horizontal configuration. Thus, less land acquisition is required for municipal projects, and limited land or roof space would be required for residential and commercial projects.

Another distinct advantage of the vertical system is that the panels can absorb direct and reflective sunlight to produce power from sunrise to sunset. While horizontal panels can only absorb full power with direct overhead sunlight. For residential or commercial systems, PPG’s patented technology is designed to prevent the direct drawing of power from the grid.

The PolyGen™ Disaster Preparedness Solar Generator System is equipped with enough battery storage that charges during peak hours and powers the base load during night hours. During peak hours, PolyGen™ can sell excess energy back to the utility company.  Clients have the option not to utilize power directly from the grid, providing considerable savings.

As previously stated, the PolyGen™ Disaster Preparedness Solar Generator is the most efficient solar power generation system in the world. PPG’s PolyGen™ can be configured to power a home or a country. It all depends on our clients’ needs.

Hands-On Approach

Our leadership demands that all our products or services provide scalable and custom-fit advantages to our clients. We have adopted a hands-on approach that ensures our customers are kept informed of all progress throughout the process.

The PolyGen™ History

2009-2011- PolyGen™ concept and development
2011- 1st Night Star Security Solar implementation for the Jamaican Government
2012- 1st Night Star Retrofit implementation for the Jamaica Gleaner Company
2012- 1st use of the Triangle PolyGen™ Solar Generator during Super Storm Sandy in New Jersey
2015- Patent issued for the PolyGen™
2015- Triangle Solar PolyGen™ Generator with NSR implementation in Kingston, Jamaica
2020- 1st Vertical PolyGen™ Solar Generator implementation completed for the City of Las Lunas, NM
2021- PolyPower acquires Wiltech Energy PolyGen™ Technology