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PolyGen™ Systems

PolyPower PolyGen™ systems are designed to absorb the sun from all angles and locations. . The PolyGen™ can be of any polygonal configuration, such as a trian­gle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, decagon with controllable electronic components disposed on the back of the solar panels. This is a unique feature not currently used in the solar industry


Solar Generator

Our solar generator is designed for Disaster Preparedness. This system is designed to isolate or combine with the utility power to reduce energy costs to the customer by utilizing our Power ISO and power sharing technology, including battery storage.


Night Star

PolyPower Night Star® Retrofit (NSR) is our patented LED Lighting Device with our Revolu­tionary Energy Saving Technology (REST) that creates powerful and reli­able street lighting. It is eco-friendly and recyclable; made from non-toxic materials, unlike traditional lights containing Mercury and Lead, it does not pro­duce harmful Ultra Violet Rays (UVR) and reduces carbon footprint. It is scalable and adaptable to replace and customize various types of existing light fixtures


Save with Solar


Reduce or eliminate your electricity bill


Fewer solar panels, use of less space, yet the highest energy production


Continuous power production during the day, whether in overcast conditions or winter


Simpler installation


Increase in energy production via the efficient capture of light re-absorption


Dual usage of agricultural land


No unsightly looking panels on your save time and money by avoiding disassembling/assembling of flat panels for roof repair


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Electricity For Less

Eliminate or reduce your electricity bill with our PolyGen™ and battery storage system. Simple, reliable, and cost-efficient. The PolyGen™ also utilizes diffused and reflected light sources, optimizing your return on investment and significantly reducing costs per kWh.


Scalable and Durable

The PolyGen™ has a sleek, scalable, and purposeful design. It’s durable, maximizes power generation from sun and wind, and can withstand harsh conditions, including but not limited to winter and hurricanes.


Battery Backup

This system is designed to isolate or combine with the utility power to reduce energy costs by utilizing our Power ISO and power sharing technology, including battery storage. Our consoles are designed for easy movement and for passing through doorways.


Sales and Installation

PolyPower provides a full-service offering from Sales to Installation and support of our PolyGen™ systems.


Maximum Solar Generation

 The PolyGen™ panels are mounted onto poles in different polygonal configurations, absorbing the sun from all angles and locations and preventing the accumulation of debris on our system. This maximizes power generation.


24/7 Monitoring

Performance and remote monitoring options of your PolyGen™ systems are available. PolyPower virtually monitors your solar system 24/7 to ensure it performs at its optimal levels.


Solar Service

With rising energy costs, extreme weather events, and unpredictable power outages, you deserve control and confidence over your electricity service. Solar energy and battery storage do not have to come at a premium cost. Utilizing solar energy reduces your electricity bills but depending on your location, your government may provide tax credits for adopting renewable power. Your utility company may also pay you credit for going solar and reducing demand on the grid.

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Our Impact Goes Well Beyond Solar

PolyPower is committed to helping customers work toward achieving a noncarbon energy mix while maintaining delivery of reliable, environmentally responsible, and financially sustainable energy and services. While improving the lifestyle of communities by making it easier to obtain renewable power for those who would not usually have it due to the unavailability or high cost of power in their communities

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